We offer the following Professional Services:

  • svc-dc

    Quality Dry Cleaning

    Dry cleaning uses fluids to remove soils and stains from fabrics. Among the advantages of dry cleaning is its ability to dissolve grease and oils in a way that water cannot. Natural fibers such as wools and silks dry clean beautifully, but can shrink, distort, and lose color when washed in water. Synthetic fibers like polyester also respond well to dry cleaning, whereas they can retain oily stains after washing. Dry cleaning helps to return garments to a “like-new” condition using precautions to prevent shrinkage, loss of color, and change of texture or finish.
    Professional dry cleaning does more than just clean your clothes. Our pressers have the skill and expertise needed to restore your garments to their original or near-original appearance. Expert pressing preserves the proper fit, hand, and drape of a garment. We have the equipment and expertise to press your clothes better than you could at home.

  • svc-shirts

    Shirt Laundry Service

    Our business depends upon keeping your clothing looking its best. Commercial laundering is one of the best ways to give shirts that “professional crisp look.” Thanks to special pressing equipment, professional finishing gives your shirts a crisp, wrinkle-free, like-new appearance that can’t be beat. Plus, by taking your clothes to the dry cleaner, you don’t have to spend your weekend standing over an ironing board and a hot iron.

  • svc-drapes

    Drapes & Curtains

    We clean and restore a lot of draperies. With proper care, draperies made of an average grade of fabric can be expected to last three to five years. A higher price does not necessarily mean that they will last longer than less expensive draperies.
    The greatest concern with draperies is the conditions they are exposed to in your home. That’s why we carefully examine and evaluate them before undertaking any cleaning procedures.
    • Sunlight can discolor and weaken fabric resulting in a shredding of the drapes after a cleaning process.
    • Exposure to moisture and humidity from rain, window condensation, leaks, or pet stains can cause dye bleeding and stubborn water rings that may be impossible to remove.
    • If the fabric has not been properly preshrunk, drycleaning, laundering, or wet cleaning can cause shrinkage. Manufacturing industry standards allow two to four percent shrinkage in household fabrics—a significant amount on a ceiling-to-floor length drapery. Loosely woven fabrics or those made of rayon and acetate blends are more susceptible to shrinkage. Separate linings, on the other hand, may not shrink at the same rate.
    • Insulated or reflective coated backing may degrade to the point that some of the coating actually comes off.
    • The combined effects of age, moisture, light, heat, smoke, and other atmospheric soils can cause fabrics to become permanently discolored. Unfortunately, even with the greatest precautions, after draperies and other fabric window coverings are cleaned, existing damage will sometimes become evident. For this reason, we discuss possible results before cleaning and require customer consent prior to undertaking any requested service.

  • svc-bed

    Comforters (including down), Bedspreads & Blankets

    Sometimes we are asked to clean bedspreads and comforters simply because of their size. Other times it’s because the care instructions read “professional care is best.” Save any care instructions, as they may be on a temporary label or on the packaging instead of being attached to the item since care labels are not required on household items. We strongly suggest that all matching or coordinating items are cleaned at the same time. This way any color changes, however minimal, will be uniform. Whatever the circumstance, we double check all available information and examine the fabric and construction before beginning any cleaning process.

  • svc-dress

    Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

    Few things are as cherished as a wedding gown. With the careful planning that goes into selecting the perfect gown, many brides choose to heirloom their dress as a keepsake. A properly preserved gown preserves the dream of passing it down to a daughter or close family friend.
    While a gown may be worn just one day, and may not appear soiled, it will require careful cleaning. Hidden soiling includes perspiration and body oils. Long gowns will pick up soil along the hemline and train and very likely, there will be food and beverage spills. Some stains, which are not immediately visible, will develop with age through oxidation causing discoloration, fabric weakness and damage to the gown.
    Your wedding gown is placed in a museum style storage box which features state of the art moisture and oxygen control technology. Traditional wedding gown storage boxes do not protect or guarantee against oxidation or “yellowing” of the gown. Your dress is carefully sealed in an acid-free inner box that controls humidity. The oxygen is purged and replaced with an inert gas, virtually making oxidation impossible. The sealed packaging allows viewing of your gown and veil at any time, while protecting your gown from mold, mildew, insect damage and oxidation. The inner box is placed in a durable long-term storage chest for additional safety.

  • svc-pillows

    Feather Pillows – Clean, sanitize and new ticking

    All bed pillows are renovated by the Pillow-Vac-System. Pillows are cleaned one at a time. The old ticking is discarded and replaced with an exclusive new feather and down proof ticking. Feathers are removed from the ticking, sanitized, deodorized and the same feathers are encased in a new ticking. Many soiled pillows can contain up to a pound of dust and other foreign material. After sanitizing, there are removed. Feathers are agitated by rotating brushes, which fluff the feathers and allow the dirt and non-feather particles to settle to the bottom of the machine. Ozone lights deodorize the feathers as they are fluffed. About 2 to 3 lbs. of good feathers make one standard pillow.

  • svc-jackets

    Professional Leather Cleaning

    Leather cleaning is a specialized process designed to preserve the look and feel of the leather or suede garment and its unique characteristics. During cleaning, stains and soil are removed, vital oils are replenished and color restored to the leather. The garment is cleaned in baths of detergents and natural tanning oils uniquely created for the garment type (cow, pig, lamb, etc.) to maintain the delicate balance of oil in the animal’s hides. RESTORE THE BEAUTY-EXTEND THE LIFE!

  • svc-uggs

    UGGs – Remove winter stains from your suede & leather boots, restore color & deodorize.

    Restore your UGG boots and protect them from salt and sludge. We can also have other footwear such as leather and suede heels cleaned and restored. Look in your closet and have us clean and renew your “not so great looking” shoes, boots & slippers. You will be amazed at the results!